Some people collect stamps; others collect coins. But I grew up with the allure of an exquisitely crafted watch. Patek Phillipe, Omega, Cartier - these names became as familiar to me as old friends.

I learned to pore over their details. The dial...the perfect movements...the delicate decor. So it’s no surprise that good craftsmanship, created with honesty and integrity - like in the old days - is something I grew to admire deeply.

That’s why I became increasingly disillusioned as I saw many watch companies begin to replace quality for profits. Attention to detail decreased while gimmicky marketing increased. Perfection above all was lost in the desire for quicker production and output. Unless you were investing in the watches at the really high end of the spectrum, you were no longer guaranteed to receive the renowned quality luxury watches were known for.

I’m not one to wallow in disappointment. If the watch industry was slipping, I would take action to keep the art of watchmaking alive. I created my own watch line. A line that adheres to all the written and unspoken rules of quality watchmaking - at a very accessible price point.

And so LEVOV watches was born.

Here’s to the values perpetuated by LEVOV:

Integrity. Beauty. Craftsmanship.

Here’s to the perfection of every LEVOV watch. And to the unique experience of wearing art on your wrist.


Founder, LEVOV Watches